We turn your 2D floorplans into interactive
3D showrooms
We turn your 2D floorplans into interactive 3D showrooms
3D Always Beats 2D
  • Photos and blueprints don’t tell the whole story. Give your customers a true view of your home plans with an explorable 3D environment that helps them appreciate it in depth

  • Draw your customers deeper into the design process by allowing them to personally customize what they’re getting

  • Impress your customers, boost your customer engagement, and market your designs more spectacularly
Visualize with Modelize!
    consider virtual tour a major decision factor - so Modelize turns your floor plans into tourable 3D showrooms.
    Customers can configure the design of their future home with customization options you control, making them fall in love with it, increasing their willingness to pay higher prices.
    Draw in customers and keep them. They can leave comments and questions, so you can compile their requests easily and respond quickly, keeping them engaged and interested.
    By directly showing them what their future home looks like from anywhere in the world, Modelize accelerates the sales cycle versus a traditional show home.

Strengthen your sales, turn your plans into tours, turn your customers’ ideas into changes they can see

With Modelize you'll turn high quality leads into closed sales, and closed sales into happy customers
New Home Construction
Office space
Retail space
How it works
Your blueprints visualized as a 3D webpage
Your customers will explore your plans rendered as beautiful 3D showrooms

And when they're done, we'll help you turn these prospects into closed sales.

They no longer have to imagine what it’s like to walk through
it- they can do it right there, with their phone, tablet, or PC.

Customers can configure the design by choosing from available options you control, such as floor type, floor finishes, fixtures, cabinet types, and more.

Customers can leave comments and questions, allowing you to respond to their questions quickly and compile their requests easily.

You will always be in touch with potential buyers

  • Earn more
    Modelize generates high quality sales leads. The more time your customers spend in Modelize customizing their dream, the more likely they are to buy.
  • Modelize works on any device
    And we provide a web link for your Modelize showroom that works on any computer, without the need for separate software.
  • Organized Feedback
    Get a list of all of your clients' questions and objections immediately.
  • Use ready-made content for your social networks.

    We'll provide models of homes you offer, to increase your customers' engagement.

The Modelize Process
Here's we turn your plans into explorable models.
  • 1
    Select the plans you want to turn into Modelize showrooms.
  • 2
    Compile a list of options and materials you want us to include for the homes, and where.
  • 3
    We take your requests and render them, and put them in a Modelize showroom environment.
  • 4
    We give you a web link that you can put directly on your blueprint gallery webpages, or show customers when they're in your office.
    It's that easy.
  • If you are interested in cooperation with our company, leave your contacts for communication.

    We will call you back and discuss cooperation.

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