• I have a floorplan that I want to turn into a 3D showroom. How much does it cost?

    For just 50¢ a square foot, you get:

    • a full interactice tour through a 3D showroom
    • 2 complimentary video to use with your social media
    • 5 free exterior photos
    • 5 free customization options for interior and exterior finishes, such as cabinetry, countertops, floors, exterior colors and materials
  • What if I already have a 3D model and want to turn it into a virtual tour?
    We'll give you a special price, talk to us to learn more.
  • I have a special request but I'm not sure that Modelize can handle it. How should I proceed?
    Talk to us! Modelize is a flexible platform and we'll do the best to meet all of your needs.
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